My love for creativity began as a child while sketching and exploring the natural world around Arkansas.  As I grew, my love for the natural world deepened.  Nature awakened my creativity and I found myself often drawing, painting, and taking photos of nature.

Fast forward to high school and then college I had also formed a love of technology.  While in college, I discovered graphic design, where I could combine both my love for technology and creativity.

After graduating college with a degree in graphic design, I spent many years in the printing industry, where I was able to further hone my creative skills while also learning the technical aspects of printing.  While growing as a print designer I started exploring web design and taught myself HTML & CSS and designed a few websites for small local businesses.  As the internet moved forward at the speed of light I felt the need to choose either traditional printing or web design as the direction of my career and eventually landed on print design as I related well to the physical product and enjoyed the process.

After spending many years in the printing industry I feel I’ve explored everything that interests me and want to grow in new ways.  My personal growth combined with the downturn in printing globally and the environmental concerns around printing led me to explore transitioning my career into something more relevant and environmentally friendly while still being creative.  Enter UX.

UX combines my love for visual and layout design with my love for technology in a synergistic way while also enabling me to make a positive impact in people’s lives.  As a UX designer, I aim to work on projects that aid people with their physical and mental wellness.  Anything from helping someone plan a multi-day backpacking trip to helping them stay engaged and connected.